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  • Low Maintenance Borehole Pump Installations - To access the water sources that are below ground many of the private homes and agricultural concerns in these areas rely on borehole pump installations.
  • The Importance of Pump Stations Maintenance - Almost every industry in South Africa that requires the transport of liquid water or semi solid waste water relies on pump stations. Maintenance of the pump stations is extremely important as recent raw sewage spills into many of South Africa’s rivers have proved.
  • Excellent Return On Investment Through TLB Hire - TLB hire represents an excellent return on investment due to the fact that the standard full maintenance lease will often include an insurance component.
  • Tried And Proven Submersible Dewatering Pumps - Submersible dewatering pumps can also be used for a variety of other functions within the mining environment.
  • Hiring Of Diesel Driven Pumps  - Many larger construction and engineering companies make use of extremely large diesel driven pumps and hiring them, especially when the project takes place in areas that are isolated is common practice.
  • Investing In KSB Pumps - KSB pumps are widely recognised the world over for their extremely high engineering tolerances and the company’s vast experience in the supply of many different types of pumps.
  • Waterproof Pumps - Transport Liquid Reliably with Quality Waterproof Pumps from HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga.
  • KSB Pumps - are helping to reduce the environmental impact of large buildings through the provision of services related to rainwater harvesting.
  • Valve Suppliers - As industrial and commercial processes grow in complexity valve suppliers have has to grow both their inventory and apply themselves to the production of new types of valves, using new materials.
  • Hidrostal Pumps - are perhaps most well known as the inventors of the unique screw centrifugal impeller pump which is one of the most versatile pumps on the market today.
  • Submersible Pump Hire - These pumps are an important part of the economic landscape of South Africa and are sometimes required for short term projects or in case of emergency on site.
  • Industrial Water Pumps - Pumps which can boast these features include multi-stage water pumps, convertible water pumps and water booster pumps.
  • Industrial Pumps - There are a wide variety of industrial pumps operating in many commercial and industrial settings in South Africa.
  • Great Savings Through TLB Rental - A TLB or tractor loader backhoe is one of the most versatile pieces of industrial equipment available to a wide variety of different industries, which require the services of a transportation solution
  • A Low Maintenance Stainless Steel Borehole Pump - The use of a stainless steel borehole pump is usually prevalent t during drought conditions, but the pumps can also be used for domestic water supply.


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