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Do you need to transport water from one area to another, on top or under the ground? For this, you will need a water pump that can transfer the water. At HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga, we have various types of waterproof and borehole pumps, for sale or for rent. We stock top-quality brands like Tsurumi, PIONEER, HIDROSTAL, KSB, Kirloskar, Braybar and SPP units, which can be used in different environments for a range of different applications.

The type of pump that you use will depend on the particular application. We offer you a choice of centrifugal, flameproof submersible, gear, diaphragm, rotary vein and borehole pumps. We also provide you with a range of accessories, such as valves – this includes gate valves, ball valves, non-return valves and butterfly valves. We supply flameproof and non-flameproof electric panels, and these can be bought with custom-made enclosures. Furthermore, we are also able to supply all of the piping that is needed for pump installations like HTTPVC pipes, HDPE pipes, galvanised pipes, carbon steel pipes and UPVC pipes. Our well-trained and qualified technicians are also able to carry out expert repairs on just about any pump, which includes waterproof and borehole pumps!

In order to provide you with adequate on-site support, we offer services such as turnkey projects, and the expert design of pump stations or pipeline systems, as well as reliable and effective maintenance of your pump stations. We have all of the expertise to ensure that you are able to effectively and efficiently pump liquids from one place to another. We currently provide a wide range of general services for those with construction sites, buildings, substations, ablutions, office blocks, concrete works and steel structures. All of our services are rendered at a high standard, as specified by the quality standards of ISO 9001, and we have SABS approval for certain repair work. Our craftspeople are highly skilled and always deliver top-quality work. We have a workshop that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to allow us to carry out repairs and build quickly and efficiently, and at cost-effective prices.

Our after-sales support is exceptional and our friendly staff is always available to assist you telephonically or online. We strive to ensure that our customers come first, that they are happy, and that our high-quality pumps and workmanship allow you peace of mind. We also ensure that you have the correct equipment that is most suited to your operations.

At HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga, we are leading suppliers of waterproof pumps, borehole pumps and a wide range of other machinery, services, maintenance and accessories for pumping. Regardless of what type of pumps you need – be they waterproof, borehole or others, you can contact us online today or give us a call! We guarantee quality products and our workmanship is unmatched. For great service, pumps and after-sales, contact us today!


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