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Centrifugal Pump Suppliers

Choose Your Centrifugal Pump Suppliers With Care

We have all experienced some degree of disappointment with purchases at one time or another. Often, however, it is not the goods that fail to measure up but the services of the seller. A long-awaited luxury car spoilt by an inexperienced salesperson who failed to explain the warranty conditions; a wonderful evening ruined by a sloppy and indifferent waiter – these events are merely annoying. When, however, a purchase involves a piece of mission-critical, capital equipment such as a centrifugal pump, suppliers need to be chosen with great care.

Hands-on Experience is a Big Plus

One of the best criteria to seek out when choosing a reliable supplier is some proof that it employs staff with knowledge of the nature of your task gained either from previous installations or from previous employment in a related job. Clearly, sound product knowledge is important but, every bit as useful to you is a sound understanding of the needs and challenges that arise daily at your particular coalface.

Centrifugal pump suppliers with this type of background will understand the needs of most tasks, not just in terms of the size of the pump required, but additional requirements, essential spares and servicing needs. An understanding of the materials that are to be handled and the resulting wear and tear on the installed equipment are important factors for planned servicing aimed at cutting the need for repairs and the downtime that may result.

In fairness, pumping has many widely differing applications and centrifugal pump suppliers are called upon to provide equipment for so many different industries that it is near impossible for them to be familiar with them all. Experience, however, will have taught them the right questions to ask in most situations and any truly competent supplier will carry out a thorough site inspection to determine the precise needs of any less familiar task, first hand.

From Drinking Water to Jet Fuel

Wherever fluids are moved in bulk you can be sure to find a centrifugal pump. Suppliers are called upon to meet a huge range of tasks that includes the supply of municipal drinking water to thousands of homes; the transport of oil and gas across vast tracts of baking dessert land, frozen tundra and even under the sea. The long-distance movement of fluids along pipelines will call for multiple pumping stations each with their own pumps and control systems. While multiple pumps keep contents moving the control systems adjust pressure and flow rates to meet the demands of the changing terrain.

Centrifugal pump suppliers must also offer units to manage more confined tasks such as the draining of construction sites. This will often be needed in areas where the natural drainage may be poor before any foundations can be safely dug.

Other areas where dewatering may be required include deep level mine shafts where, in many cases, mining would otherwise prove quite impossible. Hard-working pumps are also used extensively for the transport of slurries created during the processing of gold and other precious metals.

Oil companies also make demands on centrifugal pump suppliers whose products must tackle the task of keeping well heads free of mud and managing the use of sea water at deep sea drilling sites. Once the oil is refined into diesel and petroleum fuels, pumps are, once more called for. This time they will be required to transfer the refined product to bulk liquid carriers for delivery to filling stations where, when offloading, a pump will be required as well.

In these and other pumping operations such as those at chemical plants where the transferred fluids are highly inflammable, special flameproof pumps will be essential to prevent the risk of explosion.

All this underlines the importance of selecting competent and dependable centrifugal pump suppliers. Before you next purchase, contact us. We are industry leaders in all aspects of pumps and pumping.



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