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What are Centrifugal Pumps? Suppliers explain…

Do you know what a centrifugal pump is? These are pumps typically used to pump relatively thin liquids at a high rate from one location to another. This would include water, chemicals and slush with low viscosity levels, and can be applied in any operation that requires the removal or relocation of liquid. These pumps are easy to operate, work efficiently and can be easily installed. They are also relatively easy and cheap to repair.

How Do They Work?

The kinetic energy of an electric motor is used to rotate a shaft with impellers, which drives the liquids through spinning vanes, and this increases the speed of the flow. The liquid then moves to the pump section where diffusion is used to increase pressure, which in turn causes the liquid to move through the discharge valve of the pump. There is a wide range of these pumps available on the market today and you can buy almost any type of centrifugal pumps from suppliers locally. This includes jet pumps, submersible, slurry, turbine and many other pumps. They are used for many functions, and the pump type and size are mostly dictated by the amount of liquid to be pumped, the velocity at which it should be pumped and how wide the pipes are.

Advantages of Centrifugal Pumps

They are very simple constructions with very few moving parts, and as such are very simple to repair. They do not use valves or consist of complicated elements. This means that they can be constructed from a vast range of materials which in turn can make them more suited to particular pumping operations. For instance, plastic parts will not rust in water, which increases the lifespan of the pump. As the pump mechanism is so simple, they perform consistently and steadily. When compared to other kinds of pumps which would reach the same output levels, they are also very compact.

Disadvantages of Centrifugal Pumps

There is only really one disadvantage: these pumps move water through rotation and not through suction, and as a result lacks suction power. In order to work efficiently the pump has to be submersed or primed. In very rare cases, water can be vaporised which may cause bubbles in the fluid being pumped, which could corrode some of the parts in the pump, as well as the casing.

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