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Centrifugal Pumps

There’s Nothing New About Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are far from being a new concept and, amazingly, the earliest record of such a device being used, in this case to lift mud dates back as far as1475 although the first true pump to employ the centrifugal principle did not actually appear until the late 17th century. Whereas the earliest centrifugal pumps employed straight vanes to move fluids, the far more efficient curved vane impeller was not introduced until 1851 following their invention by a British engineer named John Appold.

Modern centrifugal pumps have improved even further in efficiency. The curved impeller blades permit quite fine control over flow rates and fluid pressure as well as suiting them for pumping a wide range of fluids of varying viscosity and composition. Some centrifugal pumps may employ more than one impeller where rather increased flow rates or increased pressure is required. These are known as multistage pumps and connecting the impellers in series increases pressure while a parallel connection creates a higher flow output.

In order to begin pumping effectively, most centrifugal pumps need to be primed. This involves filling the casing with liquid before starting the pump. This action may be achieved by pumping fluid from a secondary machine in order to prime the main pump. To ensure that centrifugal pumps remain primed during operation it is usual to locate them below the surface of the fluid that is to be pumped in order to prevent them becoming gas-bound and ceasing to pump.

Centrifugal pumps are called upon to perform in many differing situations. They are particularly suited to the movement of slurries such as those encountered in mining operations as well as for solids control in oilfields were the pumps are located on or in mud tanks. Even sand may be moved using suitably powerful centrifugal pumps a fact which underlines their exceptional versatility.

Taking Advantage Of Centrifugal Pump Sales

Centrifugal pumps are usually used to move volumes of water and other liquids through piping and are there fore used extensively in industries such as power generation, sewage treatment and transport, water supply for commercial and household use and many other applications where the reliability of the pumping solution is essential for the proper functioning of the operation. Centrifugal pump sales have been steadily increasing in South Africa as industrial application such as water pumping from dams and other water catchment areas increases in order to both cope with new housing projects, as well as supply potable water to those areas which were neglected under the Apartheid regime.

Centrifugal pump sales have also been on the increase due to infrastructure upgrades that are taking place to remedy the lack of maintenance by municipal authorities in past decades. The failure of many of the pumping stations related to the transport of water and water borne sewage has been in part due to the failure of the centrifugal pumps and other pumping equipment and the replacement of this machinery has become a strategic priority especially in the case of the submersible slurry pumps, a type of centrifugal pump that is for sale in many areas in South Africa and used for the pumping of semi solids, such as those found ins sewage applications.

The sales of many different types of centrifugal pump are especially robust in South Africa due to the existence of an extremely active mining industry. The pumps, which use an impeller to achieve the pumping action, are in widespread use in the mining industry where the technology is used for dewatering mines, as well as moving mud and other semi solid material. The centrifugal pumps can also be used for the control of fluid levels in waste water holding ponds.

The companies that sell varieties of centrifugal pump will also be engaged in the sales of other materials that are related to the pumping of a wide variety of different materials, including both solids such as sand. The demand for the sale of centrifugal pumps has meant that the market in South Africa is extremely competitive and a wide variety of different pumps are available from both domestic and international manufacturers. The companies that engage in the sale of centrifugal pumps will also be able to provide turnkey pumping solutions, as well as services related to the ongoing maintenance of pumping solutions in a variety of different environments.

If you have a pumping task, particularly where suspended solids are involved or in which fine control of flow and pressure are required, contact us for more details of our range of quality centrifugal pumps and ancillary equipment.

Written by Dan McCarthy

Centrifugal Pumps

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