Electric Pumps
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Electric Pumps

Electric Pumps Run Silent, Run Clean

This type of pump is to be found in a wide variety of forms that range from the compact peristaltic variety, found in renal dialysis machines and in certain automated medical instruments used to analyse body fluids, to the much larger, multi-stage centrifugal units that are common in the mining and oil industries. It is this high degree of versatility combined with their clean and relatively quiet operation that has led to the widespread use of electric pumps.

These pumps employ high torque electric motors and are thus capable of transporting very thick and viscous materials such as mud and slurries and, to do so, on an around-the-clock basis. Coping with drainage in many locations is a full time task. Without these units, many mining and drilling operations could prove to be near impossible.

Handling Flammable Fluids Safely

Often, the fluid to be pumped is highly inflammable and the risk of accidental explosion is a very real one. Electric pumps used for these purposes are specially built to limit effects that could lead to flammable liquids being ignited. An example of this type of use would be the transfer of petrol from storage tanks to a tanker vehicle and, from the vehicle to the underground tanks at a filling station. The pumps used for such tasks are powered by motors that are totally sealed from any contact with the flammable liquid.

There are a couple of ways to render electric pumps safe for use in such tasks. The ignition risk arises from either high temperatures or arcing of electrical contents. The parts that could generate excess heat are designed to limit working temperature to well below that of the auto-ignition temperature of the substance being pumped while those parts of the motor that may be prone to arcing are totally encapsulated.

Electricity versus Diesel

It is fairly safe to say that, wherever a suitable power supply may be available, electric pumps are the common tool of choice. They often form part of a larger pumping system with fixed pipelines and control stations and are, thus, not necessarily portable. Separate units, of course, may be easily moved from one power source to another but, for use in remote areas where no mains power is available, a generator would be required and thus a diesel or petrol operated unit would be far more practical.

There are a number of factors, then, to be considered when choosing electric pumps and it makes sense to seek expert advice. Contact us for expert advice, industry leading products and proven dependable service both during and after your installation.



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