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Dewatering Pumps

The Many Uses For Dewatering Pumps

There are many jobs in which the presence of water can create a severe problem and its safe and speedy removal from certain work sites can be of great importance to progress. Getting rid of the excess water that may collect in sites such as deep level mines can also prove vital to the safety of workers in some cases. There are other ways to do this but none of them is likely to be more effective than dewatering pumps.

This type of water drainage may also be required when draining ground or surface water from building sites, river beds and caissons. In the case of building where the water table may be a problem and needs to be lowered, this is a vital task that has to be completed before any foundations or cellar space can be safely dug. These tasks too are the province of special pump systems able to perform submerged and known as dewatering pumps.

Deep Wells Or Well-points Used For Large Areas
Two main methods are widely used in order to drain larger areas. Although the deep well method may use a single pump it is common practice to employ several and to arrange them in a ring so as to surround the site that is to be drained. While deep wells use a lined borehole with a submerged pump, in the well-point setup narrow bore pipes are connected to the dewatering pumps above ground and the water is then removed under vacuum.

The vacuum is only able to draw water from a depth of around 5 meters and a second, deeper stage may be needed in order to lower the water table any further. It can also be helpful to combine both sorts of system with any water that is left between deep wells being handled by a row of well point and both driven by tough dewatering pumps.

Hard Working Tried And Tested Pioneer Pumps

Pioneer pumps are one of the best known manufacturers of quality pumping and related equipment. The company manufacturers a wide range of centrifugal dewatering pumps as well as self priming pumps that are in use in various industries the world over, such as mining, food processing and construction. Dewatering pumps are also used in emergency situations and these Pioneer pumps can also be used in the energy sector, including in nuclear energy generation plants where their robust construction, safe operation and high work rate makes them essential pieces of equipment. These pumps also fulfil vital functions in the oil exploration industries where the need to keep wells water free is essential for the free flow of oil.

pioneer pumpsToday Pioneer pumps are manufactured on almost every continent in the world under license to the parent company in the United Kingdom. Pioneer pumps can be found operating in Africa (including South Africa where the company opened a new factory at the end of 2010), Europe and America. The vacuum assisted Pioneer dewatering pumps offer excellent return on investment due to the fact that they are renowned for unrivalled performance. Even more importantly in the current economic environment is the fact that these pumps offer the lowest cost of ownership in their class and ease of maintenance which can be made even more convenient when the company using Pioneer pumps opts for the leasing option which is available for these pumps, as well as other related industrial equipment.

Pioneer pumps manufactures a wide variety of dewatering and self priming pumps that are suitable for use in a variety of different applications and for the pumping of a wide variety of different liquids, semi liquids and solids. The ability of these pumps to handle mixtures of water, other liquids and solid by products is especially useful in applications related to the mining industry, where dewatering is essential for the ongoing operations of the mine.

The wide range of Pioneer pumps includes pump sets that are specifically manufactured to be able to function when the liquid supply is interrupted. This run dry capability is required in many of the different applications such as quarrying, agricultural irrigation and even fire fighting.

The Wide Variety of Applications for Self Priming Pumps

A self priming pump is one that uses an air water mixture in order to reach a state of full priming in preparation for any pumping procedure. Self priming pumps use centrifugal force in order to create a pressure differential in various types of fluids resulting in a pumping action. Once in operation the pump removes the air from the water / air mixture to pump only the water or other fluid.

Self priming pumps have a variety of different uses, including pumping of pool water in order to maintain the even circulation of the water, rotary pumps also offer self priming capabilities and are often used in the pumping of dry produce such as olives and cherries. The gentle pumping action of these types of pumps is ideal for uses where the produce can easily be damaged during the pumping process.

When a water-free site is vital to get the job done whether at the bottom of a mine shaft or on a building site,contact us for expert advice on dewatering pumps.

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