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Diesel Pumps

No Job Too Tough For Diesel Pumps

The need to pump a wide variety of fluids in an equally wide range of locations is a growing one and many industries could not continue to work without the help of efficient pumping systems, such as diesel pumps.  The oil and mining industries, in particular, are very reliant on the use of various kinds of pump in many areas of their daily function.

Pumps used in these fields are often required to transfer very viscous fluids or suspended solids, tasks best tackled by diesel pumps. Since they do not require a power supply, this type of pump is also very well suited for use in more remote areas where there is no access to a mains supply.

They’re Fast Too

Both the flow rate and pressure can be crucial factors in pumping operations. Often quite large amounts of fluid must be transferred very quickly as when refuelling or loading a tanker where delays could prove to be quite costly. Again, it is the tough diesel pumps that will get the job done quickest.

borehole pumpsEasy To Move Between Jobs

Also, because these pumps have no need for mains power, it is a very simple matter to move them quickly from one job to the next. Where this sort of mobility is needed it is common practice to mount the pump on a trolley, making the task simpler still. This ease of portability is just one more sound reason to opt for the use of these versatile diesel pumps.

Oil, cement, mud and slurries are all well within the ability of these tough machines to handle. An accidental oil spill at a depot, for instance, could result in a lot of costly downtime, whereas the right pump on site could see such costs reduced to a bare minimum.

If you have a job that is likely to need a pump with lots of power, more versatility and great mobility, be sure to contact us for more details of our expert services and impressive range of top quality diesel pumps to hire or purchase.

The Hiring of Diesel Driven Pumps to Control Costs

The various types of pumps that are available on the South African market are usually powered by two main types of fuel, either diesel or petrol. Many companies prefer to make use of diesel pumps as these pieces of equipment have a reputation for durability and high power output, although the latest variants of the petrol driven pumps are rapidly gaining a reputation for efficiency and significantly improved output levels. Many of the companies that are today making use of diesel driven pumps are hiring the pumps because of increased pressures on margins and the cost effectiveness of the hiring of diesel driven pumps.

The hiring of diesel driven pumps offers an exceptional return on investment for a number of reasons. Firstly the company that is hiring the equipment will not have to spend large amounts of money up front for the purchase of these pieces of capital equipment. This can have a positive effect on cash flow. Secondly the company will avoid having the diesel driven pumps on their books as an asset which avoids costly depreciation from being reflected. Not having the pumps on the books can make these accounts more attractive to financial institutions should the organisation wish to raise more capital.

The hiring of diesel driven pumps also makes sense when the company only requires the services of the pump for a clearly defined period during a project or when external conditions require the use of the diesel driven pump. The pump may, for instance, be required to deal with flooding of a building or construction site. The use of the pump during these clearly defined periods avoids the pitfalls of having expensive capital equipment lie idle, incurring finance charges while not contributing to the bottom line of the company.

The hiring of the diesel driven pumps also allows the company to take advantage of the terms of conditions attached to a full maintenance lease. Although many companies that lease diesel driven pumps will be only to happy to structure short term rentals the best value for money can often be realised through the signing of a longer term contract. These full maintenance leases mean that the organisation will have access to fully qualified service personnel who will ensure that the pump operates at full capacity at all times.

Access to the services of fully accredited service personnel from a supplier that enjoys a reputation for quality products and service means that the parts used to service the diesel driven pumps will be manufacturer approved. Consumables such as oil will also be of the highest quality. By using these manufacturer approved parts and consumables, the service intervals required can be considerably extended. The efficiency of the pumps will also be significantly improved.

Ensuring Constant Water Availability with Borehole Pumps

There are many commercial and industrial operations that rely on borehole pumps for the supply of water. Private home owners can also take advantage of borehole pumps to supplement the water supplied through the established water mains. Although much of the borehole water in South Africa may not be suitable for human consumption due to a high concentration of dissolved minerals, the water can still be used for irrigation and cleaning purposes.

Borehole pumps are a variety of submersible pump that can operate at the bottom of the borehole, completely immersed in the water that needs to be pumped to the surface. The effectiveness of these pumps and their resistance to the corroding properties of hard water, is in part due to the fact that the pumping mechanism is entirely surrounded by a hermetically sealed case.

Many home owners in more isolated communities in South Africa, including farmers rely on borehole water for their household needs. The borehole pumps also supply a constant flow of water to holding dams which is then used for the irrigation of cash crops. This is especially useful in agricultural concerns that use greenhouse technology, where the water consumption can be strictly controlled by avoiding evaporation. In these businesses a single borehole pump can meet the water requirements for a large amount of greenhouses.

Borehole pumps are also used in cattle farming to provide water for animals. In the dryer parts of South Africa, such as the Karoo, farming of cattle, including beef cattle and sheep would not be possible if borehole pumps were not available.

The hiring of diesel driven pumps within the agricultural environment is common practice, as these operations are under constant threat from severe weather conditions, including heavy seasonal downpours that can quickly drown crops. These pumps are used to remove excess water, while borehole pumps provide water during dry periods. By balancing these two requirements farmers in South Africa have been able to prosper in extremely harsh environments.


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