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Electric Water Pumps

Electric Water Pumps Get Everywhere

Pumps use all sorts of principles to get the job done. There are lift pumps, electric water pumps, gravity pumps and displacement pumps. They may use vanes, screws, pistons or rollers and can be powered by wind, steam, water, electricity, petrol, diesel and even farm animals. All of them, however they may work, are designed to do just one simple task, to transport fluids, gasses or slurries from one point to another, often via a pipe.

Most homes use electric water pumps for one or more routine tasks. Your trusty washing machine will make use of one to void the wash and rinse water to your waste pipe while a somewhat tougher version may be sitting next to the family swimming pool and pumping the water through a sand filter to clean it and maybe driving the automatic pool cleaner as well.

Although science teachers love to compare water and electricity, the two really don’t mix too well and thus electric water pumps must be designed to ensure that the two will never make contact.

Industry Is The Biggest User

Although there is no pump in a home to drive water to the taps, in order for it to reach the home, it has first travelled form some distant reservoir via a complex system of pipes, This, often very long route through a municipal water reticulation system has only been possible because of the boost provided by a number of electric water pumps.

In the mining industry pumps take on a whole new role. Instead of their prime purpose being to deliver water to a given site, their task now becomes one of keeping a site free of unwanted water. Seepage of water into the deep level shafts is a constant hazard that can makes the job of drilling ore near impossible and it may even threaten the life of the miners themselves. Once more it becomes a case of electric waterpumps to the rescue!

Reliable Electric Water Pumps

The many industries in South Africa span from commercial to industrial enterprises. Often these companies have operations that require electrical water pumps to conduct their daily business. One of the most popular types of electric water pumps is the so called submersible pump. Submersible pumps are able to operate when fully submerged in the liquid that the equipment is pumping and are employed by agricultural concerns, mining and other industries where a low maintenance submersible pumping solution is required.

The electric water pumps that are used in agriculture can be used for both the extraction of water from a borehole in isolated communities that are not connected to the mains water supply, or to supplement the household water supply. The advantages of using borehole water are that it is relatively cheap and can be used for gardening and cleaning purposes. Often the water supplied by the electric water pumps that are used for borehole water extraction is not suitable for human consumption due to the amount of dissolved minerals in the water.

The submersible versions of the electric water pumps are suitable for operation while fully immersed due to the water tight hermetically sealed casing that surrounds the pumping mechanism. This sealed casing prevents water from entering the operating parts of the pump. The common electric submersible water pumps are types of multistage centrifugal pumps that are positioned vertically, instead of the more common horizontal position of other pumps in widespread use. A cable connecting the water pump to the surface is used to provide power to the pump and also control the rate at which the pump operates through a controller mechanism that is found above ground.

One of the main advantages of this sort of pump is that it reduces pump cavitation during the pumping process which can reduce the efficiency of the pump.

Submersible electric water pumps are also used by municipalities and local authorities in South Africa for sewage pumping purposes and also by mining operations for the pumping of slurry. These types of pumps are also frequently used overseas in oil wells. For a better idea of just how efficient submersible electric water pumps are look no further than an ordinary fish tank where miniature versions of the submersible pump are used to filter and aerate the water used in the tank. These smaller versions of the electric water pumps that are used in industry operate on exactly the same principles as the larger versions.

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