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Your Pump Supplier Must Know Your Industry

Sure, almost anyone can pop along to the local nursery and buy a submersible pump to operate the new water feature for all the neighbours to admire. Many competent DIY enthusiasts will also be able to install it with little effort beyond that of reading the instruction leaflet. However, if you happen to be a procurement officer for a mining company or make the buying decisions for a drilling site then you will want a pump supplier with a sound experience and a strong .knowledge of your needs to guide you in making the best choices.

The key words here are experience and knowledge. A pump purchase can be a large capital investment and not one to be made in haste. There is a great deal of comfort in knowing that the firm that conducts the sale and, later, installs the equipment, is familiar with the demands of the pumping tasks tackled daily in your field. Only a pump supplier with this type of background can be relied upon to guide your decisions rather than simply selling you the one with the biggest price tag.

It Doesn’t All End with the Sale

Once your pump arrives, the next step is installation. It should not, however, end there. All pumps are subject to wear and tear and, where the job is a tough one, like pumping mud, slurries or even cement, the high risk of damage means your pump supplier should also be offering a programme of regular inspections and maintenance.  

In this way, any potential pump failures can be spotted early enough and, should any repairs be needed, can be scheduled to take place at times that are less critical and will thus avoid any costly downtime.

Suppose it’s a One-Off Job

Not every pumping task is on-going one. There are times, in the building trade for instance, when there is a short term need to perhaps drain an area prior to digging footings. A better pump supplier will also offer clients the option to hire a pump rather than buying one. You will need to be sure, however, that any agreement includes a promise that the items supplied have been well maintained, will be installed by the supplier if needed and, in the event of failure that the supplier will undertake to repair or replace the damaged items.

For many clients, even long term pump hire can be a viable option providing the continued support of the pump supplier is part of the deal. To ensure that your next pump purchase or hire meets all of your toughest needs, contact us for more details of our quality products and expert services.


Pump Supplier

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