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Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps Get To The Bottom Of Things

Most of the pumps in use today are of the centrifugal type. The complex sounding label is just a fancy way of saying that these pumps use one or more impellers to force the pumped fluids through them, like submersiblepumps. While some pumps apply their suction via a tube that is inserted into the fluid to be pumped, other versions of the device are immersed totally in the fluid in order to work.

Submersible pumps also have one big advantage over other types. Their submerged use ensures that they are less prone to damage caused by cavitation effects. Their pushing action makes them far more efficient than the jet pumps that operate by pulling the fluids through.

Many Uses For This Type Of Pump
submersible pumpsThese pumps are nothing if not versatile. In the single stage versions, a single impeller with curved vanes rotates to set fluids in motion. These single stage submersible pumps are very well suited to tasks around the city such as drainage and sewage pumping while, in industry, they play a vital role in pumping slurries and other general tasks.

Multistage pumps make use of several impellers to provide an increase in flow or fluid pressure. Flow is increased by mounting the impellers in parallel, while arranging them in series leads to an increase in pressure. It is this format that is used in the design of submersible pumps.

From Boreholes To Oil Wells

For the more eco conscious city types, the farmers and other country dwellers there is often a desire or a need to turn to nature to supply their water needs rather than the municipality. The solution in all cases is a borehole and naturally, in order to fill the swimming pool, water crops or provide water for drinking and bathing it will be required to install one of these versatile submersible pumps. At sea, giant oil rigs simply use bigger underwater pumps.

The Many Uses Of Submersible Water Pumps

There are many industries in South Africa which would find operations extremely difficult if it was not for the ever improving technology that is supplying cutting edge submersible water pumps capable of sustained pumping even in the most demanding of environments.

Submersible water pumps can be found in mining operations throughout South Africa. These pumps are specifically designed to operate under harsh conditions that are characterised by high levels of contaminants in the liquid being pumped. Often these pumps will have to cope with the transport of slurry which can be extremely abrasive and cause pump failure if the pump is not specifically designed to deal with solid and semi solid contaminants.

In addition to being able to operate while transporting liquids featuring high levels of contaminants submersible water pumps, as their name implies need to be able to operate while fully submerged in the liquid that is to be pumped. This is achieved by making the casing of the pump waterproof and situating the various other equipment that is required for the proper functioning of the submersible pump above ground (in dry conditions). The equipment that is above the water level includes the generator required to supply the power to the submersible pump, the power cables and the controller that is used to set the pump output.

Submersible pumps are used in a variety of different industries, such as mining where the highly robust nature of the submersible pumps and their ability to deal with both slurry and water that has been contaminated with fines is required for proper functioning. The low service intervals of many of the submersible pumps in use in the mining industry is essential due to the fact that any interruption in the operation of the submersible water pumps will result in significant downtime for the mining operation and possible injury to the workers who are working deep underground where flooding can have disastrous consequences. The pumps used in mining operations need to operate at full capacity, especially given the marginal nature of many of the mines in South Africa where continued breakdowns can lead to the closure of the mine.

Interestingly enough the operation of a submersible pump is easy to view. Many homes in South Africa have either a fish tank or outdoor pond with a water feature. In both these applications submersible pumps are used to ensure the correct circulation of water and in the case of fish tanks the correct aeration of the water to ensure the health of the fish.

Companies like HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga supply submersible water pumps to a variety of industries in South Africa, where the robust nature and high output of these specialised pieces of equipment has a direct impact on the ongoing sustainability of business operations.

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