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Understanding a Hidrostal Centrifugal Pumps and Other Centrifugal Water Pumps

The purpose of a Hidrostal centrifugal pump is designed to pump delicate and difficult fluids effectively, without affecting the integrity of the fluid itself. Chemicals that can lose their structural integrity if they are spun too fast through the pump; viscous materials can cause steal to wear through surprisingly quickly when the propeller rotates too fast. A well-designed pump would be able to handle the job with little hassle, saving you money and time while transporting fluids safely.

If the contents being pumped are valuable and you need to maintain the integrity then it is important that you consider what the pump manufacturer has to say about the contents and the requirements needed to get the job done right. A pump must be able to create a smooth action that keeps the flow constant without creating too much disturbance in the liquid itself.

What are Centrifugal Water Pumps?

You are probably not even aware of this, but centrifugal water pumps are a lot more common than you think. The centrifugal force comes into play when a liquid is put through the system, it gets moved along by the suction created when the impeller rotates. You might be asking what an impeller is about now, and probably wondering if it has something to do with a propeller.

You are not far off if that’s the case, because it is exactly like a propeller except it is internally housed within a system of pipes and other machinery. The rotation of the impeller creates a negative pressure on the one side which has a suction effect on the liquids inside the system. The trick to all that though is controlling the flow rate through the system because when the liquids pass through the impeller they can be damaged and chemically disassociated if they are not treated correctly.

That could get expensive when you have to pump through expensive chemical compounds that have been created for industrial or commercial use. Massive batches of these chemicals can get spoiled if they do not calibrate the flow rates correctly.

The Types of Hidrostal Centrifugal Pumps Available

Hidrostal started off by producing their patented screw pump that was originally developed for the fishing industry in Peru, to help the fishermen get the fish off their boats without destroying their valuable haul before it even gets to the shore. Their whole design philosophy is based on developing customised solutions for their clients based on their needs and there is no job to difficult to work on or figure out.

By opening their product up to subsidiaries around the world, they have been able to access a worldwide skills pool consisting of engineers and technicians that are all committed to finding unusual or new solutions that can and are proved to be effective in their practical use, when they are being used for what they were designed for.

They also make use of precision engineering to manufacture the pumping systems that you need for your business or industry. If you need something moved around from point to point without causing damage to the contents, you will need to have it all configured and calculated according to the individual requirements in order for it to do so.

All it really means is that all the hard stuff gets taken out of building an efficient pump that can handle the workload and the contents without causing any damage to them. That means that the captain of a fishing boat will get more for his haul with less damaged fish as it gets transported to dock and a chemical plant and move their chemicals from production to packaging quickly and safely without spoiling any of the batches along the way.

Written by Dan McCarthy


Hidrostal Centrifugal Pump

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