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Pipe Lines

The Advantages of Transportation via Pipe Lines

When it comes to the transportation of liquids or gases, pipelines are usually considered one of the most efficient methods of moving it from one place to another. Pipelines can be defined as a line of pipes which are interconnected and sealed to prevent leaks. Pumping stations containing suitable pumps are used to propel the liquid in the correct direction.

Pipelines can safely carry liquids across large distances in all sorts of conditions. The most commonly used lines are used for water and petrochemical products. Pipelines can be interconnected to form a network with valves and pumps in between. Networks can often become very dense and complicated with liquids flowing to and fro all the time. Very efficient management of the pipelines are required to ensure that fluids are not accidently pumped through the incorrect lines and that chemicals and gases are not accidentally mixed.

Benefits of Pipe Lines

When compared to other types of transport, even over large distances, the following becomes evident:

  • Cost effective: as no moving vehicles are required, there is no fleet maintenance, road insurance or gasoline costs involved.
  • Large volumes: Much larger volumes can be moved via pipe than on land with transport
  • Location and obstacles: Where it would be impossible to transport liquids by road or ship due to restrictions such as adverse weather, inhospitable terrain or lack of infrastructure, pipelines facilitate transport.
  • Constant supply: As there are not many factors that will affect supply, it can be used as an effective means of 24/7 supply of any product.
  • Safety: Pipeline transport has a great safety record which compares extremely well to other means of transport.

Even though the cost of building them is quite extreme, pipelines are still the most effective and cost effective means of transportation, but can only be operated with the correct types of pumps. Usually these would involve pressure pumps or centrifugal pumps. It is therefore essential that not only the pipe lines are regularly inspected, but that the pumps are maintained for optimal performance.

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