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Pump Hire

Pump Hire Is An Economical Alternative

The outlay required to purchase and install a new pump can be considerable and, where the need is either temporary or one that recurs only infrequently, pump hire can be a viable and cost-effective alternative to ownership. When hiring, the equipment offered has invariably been previously used and it is thus important to use a reputable and well-established pump hire company to ensure that its products have been maintained to acceptable performance standards.

In that situation where the current pump is in dire need of a well-earned service but you really can’t afford the downtime or where a temporary need to increase pumping operations to a level beyond the capacity of a single pump, once more the solution of choice might well be pump hire. Pumping operations are often conducted on a round-the-clock basis and it thus common, in such cases, for pumps to require frequent attention such as impeller replacements and pump hire can provide the means to keep operating during those out-of-service periods.

Once you have identified a pumping need that may be best addressed with a pump hire solution, it is important to determine precisely what is covered by the cost of hire and what is not. Will the deal include installation and will there be prompt back-up in the event that the hired machine should fail? Will your company be held liable for any damage incurred by the pump during the hire period other than normal wear and tear? This is just one more reason why it is important to be careful when selecting a pump hire company.

In summary then, one must compare the costs of purchasing a new unit versus pump hire and weigh this against the extent of the need. Will it be a once-off and temporary requirement or will the unit, at best, be used only very occasionally? In such cases, pump hire will, more often than not, prove to be the more cost-effective solution.

Before you buy, stop to consider pump hire first and contact us. We offer the quality products and impeccable service you will need.

Written by Dan McCarthy

Pump Hire

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