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Pump Repairs

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Few of us consider how hard the pump in our home swimming pool works. It often runs day and night for months on end and the surprising thing is not that it occasionally break downs but that it doesn’t do so more often. Industrial pumps work even harder and under tougher conditions and, despite their more robust structure, pump repairs are often needed in such demanding conditions. For specialised, heavy duty pumps, it is essential to employ an equally specialised company to undertake the pump repairs.

In the industrial environment, the task is normally far more demanding than that of simply circulating water through a sand filter and very powerful pumps may be required to move the slurries and particulate suspensions that they are required to handle. The need for pump repairs in these extreme circumstances is bound to arise at some stage regardless of the quality of the equipment in use. While preventative maintenance will certainly reduce the frequency with which pump repairs are needed it will probably not eliminate the need altogether.

Nevertheless, preventative maintenance for pumps is advisable and often, where an on-going maintenance contract is in place, pump repairs may be undertaken at no charge or perhaps on a parts-only basis with no charge for the labour required. It is wise, then, to check the ability of the proposed supplier to provide both preventative maintenance and pump repairs at the time of purchasing a new pump as this could save a lot of time and money in the event of a subsequent malfunction.

Several factors may cause damage to pumps, particularly the centrifugal variety. Hot material often leads to gas bubble formation that impedes or stops flow. This cavitation process can be very damaging and create a need for pump repairs. Often the material is strongly basic or acidic and can result in corrosive damage while particles in suspension will inevitably lead to damage of the impeller vanes, once more making pump repairs necessary.

For all pump repairs and maintenance, contact us and be confident that you are dealing with experts.

Written by Dan McCarthy


Pump Repairs

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