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Pump Sales & Rentals

Pump Sales & Rentals: Rent or Buy a Pump?

When you are in need of a pump, you have to carefully consider your situation in order to make an educated decision about whether you should rent or buy a pump. New pumps can be very expensive and the installation costs can be considerable. It is therefore wise to weigh up the options regarding pump sales & rentals before handing over large sums of money.

Pump Rental

There are several situations in which it would be better to rent a pump than to purchase a new one. It would for instance be more economical and effective to rent a pump in the following scenarios:

  • You temporarily need a pump to perform an abnormal function which is not a usual part of the business, such as pumping water out of a flooded area in a business that otherwise has no use for a pump. It makes sense to rent a pump as you do not need one on a regular basis.
  • Your business does use pumps on a regular basis but your pump is broken or is being serviced, and you cannot run your business without one. Often pumping operations work on a 24-hour basis, and any downtime due to a defective pump can set back the operation significantly. Rented pumps can take care of pumping operations while your pumps are being serviced or fixed.
  • You are starting a business which requires the regular use of a pump, but you do not have the capital outlay to purchase one – in this case it may be cheaper to rent one on a temporary basis until you have enough money in the business to make purchasing your own pump a reality.
  • Your pumps are working well but you are lagging behind on a job, and additional pumps may be needed to speed up the process. In this case you will have a large variety of rental pumps to choose from, and you may be able to increase the effectiveness of your pumping operation by choosing the most suitable pump for the job.

Pump Sales

There is usually a large difference in price between pump sales & rentals, and in some cases it may be better to buy. In the following scenarios it is recommended that you consider buying your own pump:

  • Your business has grown to the point where you need additional pumps on a permanent basis, or you are spending vast amounts of money on additional pump rental. In this case it would make sense to spend the money on buying one instead.
  • Your existing pumps are not performing as well as they should and is costing a lot of money in downtime and pump rentals.

It is important to be aware of all the cost implications, and the best way to learn more about this is to speak to an expert. Before you decide, contact us for great advice on pump sales & rentals. We have the knowledge and expertise you need!

Written byJayme Wium


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