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Pump Service Crucial To Performance

Centrifugal pumps are hard-working, robust devices that often operate in adverse conditions and for long hours. Without regular maintenance, natural wear and tear inevitably leads to breakdown and costly downtime. Accordingly, a strict schedule of pump service is advisable. Where the need for a pump is temporary it is often possible to hire one but equally important to ensure it has been well-maintained and thus it is very important to hire only from a proven dependable pump service.

A quality pump service will generally offer services well beyond the mere supply of pumps. Frequently a permanent pump installation needs a pump house and a control panel for adjusting pump pressure and flow rate. Such an extensive installation will require the skills of an experienced and specialized organization with staff that are fully familiar with the requirements of the task and should not be left to a smaller pump service company whose core business is largely confined to the sales function.pump services

The choice of pump and the planned installation are very dependent upon the nature of the material to be pumped. A reliable pump service will be familiar with the abilities of each of its products and the model that will best meet the task within the constraints of the client’s budget. Pump installations are often part of a mission critical operation so the proven quality of a given pump service company’s products must also be a vital factor when selecting a supplier.

A company’s future is only guaranteed as long as it is able to continue operating effectively. Sound equipment, a dependable installation team and a reliable after sales policy are all critical considerations when selecting a pump service. Projects are not completed by the casual promises of a commission-hungry sales rep but by the actions of a team of experienced specialists that is dedicated to the needs of its clients. This is especially relevant when appointing a pump service.

Access To A Full Pumping Solution With Turnkey Systems

For those who want to make use of pumping solutions to solve either flooding or improve the performance of their business by streamlining their pumping solutions then access to specialists who can provide turnkey solutions to pumping challenges can mean the difference between success and failure. Turnkey systems can include the provision of pumping equipment such as centrifugal pumps or even submersible pumps and the associated equipment and services, such as maintenance and insurance solutions that drastically simplify the installation and running of pumping solutions.

For many businesses a turnkey system will mean that the pumping solution is delivered and set up at the place where the pumping is to take place. Included in many of these turnkey systems is insurance and maintenance which feature heavily in the decision of many businesses to engage in long term full maintenance leases of pumping equipment. The phrase “turnkey” relates to the fact that the users of the pumping equipment simply need to turn a key or activate the pump and then continue with the day to day activities of their business. All the services relating to the running of the pump and its associated equipment will be the responsibility of the party that is supplying the pump, in other words complete pumping systems will be provided.

Often a turnkey system will be provided to specialist industries which require solutions including pumping equipment that has been manufactured to take into account harsh working conditions where normal pumps would fail. Examples of these turnkey systems include pumps which feature flame proof engines or specialised monitoring equipment for vibration or temperature fluctuations. Often these specialised solutions are provided for industries where failure of the pumping system can have disastrous consequences for both production and safety, such as the nuclear industry.

The uses of turnkey systems can extend to the products supplied by manufacturers are pre-packaged pumping solutions for a variety of industries that require the delicate handling of pumped liquids. These systems are expensively used in the food processing industry where hot oil pumps are used for the preparation of snack foods such as potato chips and other snacks. The turnkey systems supplied to these industries must be capable of operating while pumping hot oil at extremely high temperatures. In order to withstand these temperatures the pumps are constructed of standard ductile iron.

Turnkey systems are also supplied to industries where the pumps are required for the transport of extremely delicate material. In these industries hydrotransport pumps are used to ensure minimum damage to the products being pumped. On the other end of the scale are the end suction solids handling centrifugal pumps which include a dry run capacity and which are used in environments where drilling mud is used as a lubricant. These pumps are used extensively in the oil and gas exploration industries where reliability of the turnkey systems is of paramount importance due to the geographically isolated nature of many of the pumping operations.

Companies such as HEMS Pumps have been supplying turnkey systems to operations in South Africa such as those found in the mining industry for many years and have built a solid reputation for the supply of reliable pumping solutions and exceptional levels of service.

A Choice of Which Type of Pumps to Purchase

type of pumpsThere are an almost endless variety of different type of pumps that are for sale or lease in South Africa. Each of these pumps has been manufactured and engineered to provide a pumping solution to users in a great variety of different industries, both commercial and industrial. There are also pumps which are suitable for home use. Many of the type of pumps that are used for heavy duty service such as those that are employed by the water treatment and sewage pumping stations around the country are able to cope with semi solid liquids, while those that are in use at mining concerns in South Africa can be used for the pumping of slurry and other abrasive materials.

There is even a type of pump that pumps live fish from fishing vessels into bulk carriers for transport to wholesalers for packaging. A type of pump that enables that pumps raw minerals, such as ore bearing previous stones and metals is also available for use in specialised mining concerns. Such is the scope of the different types of pumps available in South Africa that every industry has access to a specialised pump that will perform to exacting standards and contribute to the financial success of the operation.

Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pumps

One of the most popular and time tested pump designs is that found in the many different varieties of centrifugal pump on the South African market. The centrifugal pumps operate by using an impeller to move liquids through piping of various diameters. There are a variety of different types of centrifugal pumps, including the vertical or cantilevered centrifugal pumps which can be used to provide pumped liquid in a parts washer. The second type of centrifugal pumps is the multistage centrifugal pumps, which connect two impellers to create a higher pressure at the outlet pipe from the centrifugal pump.

The Usefulness of a Submersible Pump

One of the most popular types of pumps used in South Africa is the submersible pump. The submersible gets its name from the fact that it operates at high efficiency even when completely submerged in the liquid that has to the pumped. The effectiveness of these pumps and their ability to operate while submerged is due to the fact that the pumping mechanism is surrounded by a hermetically sealed casing which prevents water from entering the pumping mechanism.

Submersible pumps play an important role in regulating water levels in South Africa’s dams and reservoirs. These type of pumps can operate extremely efficiently even at depths exceeding ten metres and are used to prevent flooding by providing operators with the ability to control the rate at which water is released from the dam.

The Submersible pump is used extensively in both mining and agriculture. In mining submersible pumps are employed to perform mine de-watering. The de-watering of mines if extremely important as it ensures the safety of the mining personnel and contributes directly to the profitability of the mine. Without the services of a submersible de-watering pump many mines would be unable to fully exploit the deeper concentrations of minerals which are found at great depths in South Africa.

Simple and Effective Gear Pumps

The simple gear pumps rely on the action of two rotating gears within the pump mechanism to force water between the teeth of the gears. The entire pumping mechanism which is primarily made up of the two gears is housed in a tight fitting casing which enables the effective pumping of fluids. Pumps of this type are simple examples of the rotary positive displacement pump and have been in use for decades. Motor vehicles rely on the action of gear pumps to provide oil to the engine for lubrication purposes.

The Many Uses of the Borehole Pump

A Variety of different industries and commercial enterprises make use of various types of submersible borehole pump.

These types of pumps are also used extensively in agriculture where submersible pumps are used to extract groundwater for a variety of different uses. On marginal farmland the highly effective submersible pumps used in boreholes can mean the difference between the success or the failure of the farming enterprise.

A Submersible borehole pump can also be used by private homeowners in an urban environment. Many of the homes in South Africa, especially the older homes have access to a borehole and the water produced by the different models of submersible pump can be used for garden irrigation or cleaning purposes. Due to high concentrations of dissolved minerals much of the groundwater supplied by this type of pump in South Africa is not fit for human consumption.

The borehole type of pumps are essential for the ongoing success of agricultural concerns in South Africa, as well as the supply of water to isolated communities across the country. Without pumps of this type the water poor nature of much of the South African landscape would prevent any commercial activity from taking place in these areas.

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