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Finding the Right Pump Supplier in Mpumalanga

Choosing the right pump supplier should not be about the actual pumps, because you can buy the pumps from just about anyone that is able to supply them to you. The only real difference is what you get with the pumps that count. You have to consider things like after-sales service and support, do they offer on-site repairs and warranties for the pumps that you purchase.

When you look at all the pumps that are available, you will realise that you need to know a few things before you simply pick the one that seems to “fit”. For this you will need the assistance of somebody who knows what they are dealing with. Granted you can call the supplier up and ask them directly, but that could take time and cost you money and might not even find what you are looking for. To save yourself from a serious headache and get the pump you need in as little time as possible, here’s something to think about.

Understand What Type of Pump You Need

It all depends on what you plan to use it for, so that is a good place to start. Concrete pumps for concrete and food pumps for processed food would be easy, but once you have individual ones to choose from then a whole new set of rules come into play. A concrete pump has height restrictions and food pumps can only process certain foods and have to comply with health standards, to help illustrate the point further.

Whenever you purchase a pump, you have to ensure that it meets the minimum health and safety standards for your particular country.  If you are located in the Mpumalanga region, you will need to ensure that the equipment meets SABS approved standards that have been laid out. In fact, that would be applicable anywhere in South Africa.

Can a Pump Supplier Be Found in Mpumalanga?

Mpumalanga is located just below the Limpopo Province in South Africa, and it is one of the least densely populated as well. You can drive for up to an hour at times to get from one town to the next and if you are located on a farm or a plot far from a city centre, it would be difficult to get repairs and services done.

Fortunately, you can get a pump supplier to come to you, to do the installation on site and perhaps even help fix any problems you might have. As long as you know what you need, HEMS is relatively close by and willing to offer you top quality pumps at cost-effective prices.

Written by Dan McCarthy


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