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While purchasing a small electric pump to power your water feature or to aerate your tropical fish tank can be undertaken without a great deal of expert guidance, selecting and installing an industrial strength pumping system is a whole different ball game that will require the services of specialist pump suppliers. The location, the material that is to be pumped and any associated facility such as a pipeline that may be required are normally regarded as the purview of professional pump suppliers whose core business is their sale, installation and on-going maintenance.

When selecting specialised pump suppliers, the starting point may well be to examine the company’s client list to whatever extent that may prove possible. Normally, a more reputable supplier will be perfectly happy to display such information on its website for public consumption. In addition to the proof of pedigree, bona fide specialist pump suppliers should also possess the skills to install and maintain the pumps and any ancillary equipment essential to their operation.

It is clear, then, that reputable pump suppliers will not be limited simply to the supply of pumps. A clear understanding of the total pumping requirements for each of a wide range of applications in fields as divergent as chemical engineering, brewing, water and sewage reticulation systems, power station cooling systems and desalination plants, is mandatory when aspiring to provide effective client support. Pump suppliers, therefore, are not the average sales team but rather a team of specialist consultants.

Professional pump suppliers begin with an in-depth need analysis and may then extend their activities to include peripheral requirements as the construction of pumping stations and the installation of suitable electrical control panels and wiring needed to regulate the pumping operations. Reputable pump suppliers will complete the installation in compliance with acceptable industry standards such as those specified by ISO 9002 and approved by the SABS.

Pump suppliers provide a vital service to many equally vital industries. For all of your industrial strength pumping solutions, contact us to be certain of a professional service from a company that understands your needs.

Written by Dan McCarthy


Pump Suppliers

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