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Pump Repairs

The Question: Pump Repairs or Pump Replacement?

When your pump breaks it can be difficult to decide whether you should go for pump repair or pump replacement. A wrong decision can mean financial loss, and in the case of larger pumps it can amount to a lot of money. It is therefore necessary that you consider all the facts before making this crucial decision.

Reason for Failure

Get a good idea of what exactly is wrong with the pump – sometimes it may be something small, in which case repair may be the best and cheapest option. Get quotes from a trusted professional pump repair services in the area, and ask them to explain exactly what is wrong. If it can be easily repaired and is financially viable, then a repair will be adequate. Keep in mind that money is not the only object here - there are also a few other things to consider in terms of the long term use of the pump.

Operation Type

Consider the type of operation you run and ask the following questions:

  • Do you use the pump on a daily basis?
  • Is the pump a crucial element to your business success?
  • Is the pump your business?
If you find that your pump is used only occasionally and that you do not have active use for it on a daily basis, or it does not generate enough money for the business to warrant a full replacement, then you may want to consider having it repaired instead. Replacing a pump which does not actively generate an income or is not essential to operations is usually not worth it, and even less so if the pump is expensive.

Cost and Age of Pump

If the pump is very old and not very expensive, it makes sense to replace it, as a pump with old parts which have been repaired many times is more prone to failure. However if it is not very old and very expensive, a repair may be advisable. It also depends on what extent you are affected by the failure of the pump and consider other options. Pump rental can be a good option as well if you are adversely affected by the failure and cannot commit money to the purchasing of a new one.

Long Term Efficiency

As with all other machinery and equipment, it is essential to monitor the efficiency and performance of all pumps. In order to make an informed decision about the replacement or repair, it is advisable that all the key performance factors relating to the operation are constantly checked. This will also allow managers and business owners to make better predictions about long term performance.

Maintenance Facilities

Another factor in the replace-repair decision is the capabilities of the business to repair on site. If the business has enough skill and equipment to repair on site, it could be a lot cheaper than getting a supplier to do this, and repair would then be a better option. If monitoring takes place throughout the lifespan of the equipment, then important data can be available to help with the decision and it would be possible to work out the cost of the in-house repairs to the operation. Calculate the cost of labour and parts for repair during the lifespan of the pump. If this adds up to more than the cost of a new one, then it is advised to replace.

Better Efficiency through New Developments

It is also essential to know what is on the market and be in a position to compare old to new. Business owners sometimes get fixated on replacing or repairing a pump with an identical model. In some cases however, replacement could be more practical purely because new models could work more efficiently and have better long term prospects. New developments in the industry may be able to automate certain functions, and thereby saving costs on labour as well as repair.

Replace, Repair Or Rental?

But pump repairs or replacement are not the only options. Many operations opt for rental and in cases where cash flow is insufficient to replace a pump, a rental can be great. Whatever the situation: whether you need to replace, repair or rent a pump, we are on standby to assist. Contact out dedicated team today for great advice on all your pump requirements.

Written byJayme Wium


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