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Why You Should Be Working with Hidrostal Pumps

Pumps and accessories are quite popular and they are used in a wide variety of pipelines throughout the world. Depending on the industry you are in, you can choose from a variety of pumps for your specific application. This includes borehole pumps, flameproof pumps, centrifugal pumps and gear pumps. This is why it is always important to work with a reliable supplier that specialises in popular brands and can help you find the best product for your specific application. Hidrostal pumps are quite popular as they are a well-known brand and can provide you with various pumps and accessories for your pipeline.

Why Choose Hidrostal Pumps?

Hidrostal pumps are not only durable, but the company is known for their innovative ideas, well-tested designs and value for money. They provide different pumps, including submersible, centrifugal, self-cleaning and axial flow pumps. The objective of their products is to maintain interchangeability across various generations of products, as well as make available a wide variety of products to suit various applications.

Centrifugal pumps work with a rotating impeller and shaft, moving fluid along its vanes and converting them to high pressure liquids. They are highly effective and can be used in different industries, including industrial, chemical and marine. Hidrostal centrifugal pumps, specifically, can be used for liquids like oil, food pastes, glue, paper stock, chemicals and paint. These units are used for crystals, cereals and even fish transportation. They can also be used in sewage applications, specifically for unscreened sewage and industrial sewage. This pump brand can be applied to almost any pipeline requirement.  

Another type of Hidrostal pump is submersible pumps and they can be used as a guide rail mounted pump, a free-standing or portable pump or an axial flow pump, which is tube mounted. These units are versatile and highly effective, capable of continually operating as a dry installation, or fully submerged. The advantages of these pumps include the fact that they run very quiet, they have a cool exterior, they will have no leakage and they can be installed either horizontally or vertically, making them very versatile.

Self-cleaning Hidrostal pumps work to virtually empty the sump with every pumping cycle. These units have a sump with a very small floor area, allowing for all settled solids to be swept to the pump suction area. With a self-cleaning impeller, these pumps are quite popular and can handle a variety of liquids effectively. These pumps also have a large impeller passage, allowing solid objects and materials to effectively go through the pump without causing any blockages or damage. They have been well-designed to be very useful in many different industries, especially in larger pipeline systems.

HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga specialises in a wide variety of pumps and accessories, including Hidrostal pumps. These units are not only reliable but they are quite popular due to the fact that they are durable and effective. We can also provide you with custom built pumps and accessories, making us a leading South African pump supplier.


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