water reticulation system
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The Benefits of Using Electric Water Pumps

With so many different pumps available to choose from, it is often difficult to know which one to choose for your specific application. Electric water pumps are ideal for applications where water needs to be pumped from one area to another; this can be over short distances, like a car pump for example, or over longer distances like an irrigation system. Electric pumps are easy to install and very versatile, which is why they are very popular.

Electric water pumps are usually used in areas where water needs to be pumped from an area that has a lower altitude than the area that will receive the water. This means that water will not flow naturally, which is why an electric pumps are needed. Depending on your unique needs, you will find it easy to locate a pump for your specific needs as they are quite popular in many industries. You can choose between circulation pumps, sewer pumps, submersible pumps and more, making it easy to find a unit that will work for you. All these pumps will also have different benefits, which is why they are specifically made to support various applications.

One area where electric water pumps are highly effective is in wastewater systems. These pumps work to effectively transport water from one location to another, allowing for the effective removal of wastewater. Water treatment is also an important factor in other applications, including maritime, industrial and public utility wastewater treatment. Water pumps are also used in areas where water needs to be re-used and filtrated. These pumps are very effective, durable and reliable to use in a variety of applications.

You can also choose to use submersible pumps, as they can withstand almost any environment. Submersible pumps consist of many different parts and they are often custom made for specific applications. These pumps can be used in industrial pumping applications, as well as in sewage pumping and deep well drilling. The motor of these pumps are completely sealed to ensure that it will remain functional when submerged in water or other liquids. Submersible pumps are often used if you would like to transfer fluids towards the surface; these pumps are available in various sizes and there are also ideal to drain fluids in a specific area.

HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga specialises in electric water pumps for a variety of applications. We have been in business since 1983 and provide a variety of high quality products at affordable prices. We are also a Level 2 certified B-BBEE company with a procurement recognition level of 125%.


water reticulation system

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