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Water Systems


Water Systems Are Vital To Life

When we turn on a tap to take a shower or to make coffee or when we flush the toilet, few of us actually give a thought to the enormous network of pipes and pumping stations that make up our nation-wide water systems and sewage systems. Countless thousands of kilometres of pipes have been installed over the years to perform the vital tasks that we take for granted. Every metre of these vast, life-giving water systems needs to be regularly maintained to ensure our health and welfare.

Water systems are not only need to sustain life. In a wide variety of industrial environments, circulating water may be important as a coolant in controlling the temperature of certain manufacturing processes or in power generation plants. These water systems, too, utilise pipes and pumps. The two components may be required to operate under widely differing conditions depending on the application and thus both pipes and pumps must be made of materials suited to the operating environment.

water systemsHaving emphasised the exceptional importance of sound maintenance and prompt, effective repairs for installations as vital as water systems or sewage systems, it is clear that the task is an important one and one that requires sound experience and skill combined with quality materials and adequate resources to ensure a dependable service. In particular, water systems should be subjected to as little downtime as possible owing to their vital role.

Even the water systems employed for cooling purposes rather than the supply of drinking water may give rise to serious consequences in the event of forced downtime. Loss of production for even quite small periods may lead to significant financial losses and, in some instances, the consequent of coolant losses could cause damage and may even be life-threatening. These situations too, call for prompt and effective support in order to restore water systems to their full function.

Environmental Concerns Govern The Installation Of A Water Reticulation System

South Africa has regional rainfall that can at some times of the year seem overly generous. To the casual observer there seems to be very little reason that the country should suffer from water shortages, however the geographical makeup of the country, as well as a lack of suitable sites for the establishment of dams means that each and every water reticulation system that is developed in South Africa must be as effective as possible.

A water reticulation system consists of a variety of different components which stretch from dam or river to the end transport of water after it has been utilised by a variety of industries and domestic users. Domestic users are supplied by water that has its origins in either a dam or other holding system or water that has been made potable and fit for human consumption by a water treatment plant. This water is then pumped to the home for domestic use.

Once it reaches the home it is then fed through a network of pipes and supplied to various end points where it is used either as potable water or for the transport of sewage and other waste matter. This used water is then fed into a system that either enables the disposal of the used water or leads to a water treatment plant where it is treated for reuse. The treatment is waste water is becoming more prevalent, especially in urban areas as the fresh water supply comes under increasing pressure. Even if this waste water is not suitable for domestic use it is often partially treated so that many contaminants are removed prior to the reintroduction of the waste water back into rivers or sea.

Today’s water reticulation system can also allow for the reuse of so called ‘grey water”. This is water that has been contaminated by use in cooking or washing but does not contain contaminants that make it unsuitable for use in tasks such as vehicle cleaning or watering of gardens. The increasing use of grey water supplied by a domestic water reticulation system that has been adapted to reuse grey water is a reflection of the scarcity of fresh water caused by the increasing pressures of urbanisation, as well as an increasing environmental awareness amongst water users. Higher water costs have also increased the attractiveness of grey water usage.

Companies like HEMS Pumps Mpumalanga have been assisting municipalities and industrial water users in their quest for more effective water use, as well as supplying pumping solutions that are more environmentally friendly than ever. By using new technology these pumping solutions are assisting South African businesses and home owners in make better use of scarce water resources. By demanding a home water reticulation system that makes use of new technology and piping solutions each and every South African homeowner can contribute to the quest for more effective water use.

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